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I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete this caption please. | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me)  

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete this caption please.
So I went and saw Cher the other night and she was amazing! It was so extravagant! Nothing like any of the concerts I’ve seen by younger artists so far!! At one point she came out in this GIANT Trojan horse and another she was standing on a sky high pedestal and the next she was soaring over the crowd! Her props and costumes were all so crazy and extravagant! | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me)  

Smartie McFluffy!! <3 | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me)  
I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete this caption please.

TASTE THE RAINBOW!! I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete this caption please. | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me) 

Sends snapchat to 5 people…None snapchat back.


Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and filling <33 They’re soo good omg

i love this design <3

These are verry very delicious <3 | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me)

I didn’t finish yet…

Essie’s Limited Edition Summer Collection 2013 :)
"What’s On My iPhone" Continued
Andd these are the apps I have :) **Apps from Cydia are only available on jailbroken devices 
1st page: We got our basics on the first photo and apps from Cydia including Winterboard which lets me change the theme of my iphone, and iFile which is just a iphone manager type thing :)
2nd page: Multiple photo apps, all in which I use for different purposes :) 

ProCam I use to take some of the photos on here.
Rookie, Hello Camera, PS Express I use to edit/add effects to photos for my instagram.
InstaSize lets me upload photos with full size to instagram.
Wallpaper app that I use to find many of my wallpapers/backgrounds :)
Instapic Frames I use to make instagram size collages :) 

Then I’ve got my 2 games Candy Crush and 2048. 
Then my koodo account and banking app.
Remote to control my music on my laptop from my iphone.
Cineplex for looking up movies at the movie theatre.
Google Chrome for when I want to view a website in full version or when Safari is being annoying.
I’ve got my sports app for updates and tracking the Detroit Red Wings games and other NHL stuff.
Wattpad and iBooks for reading, I use iBooks for my textbooks for school :) 
3rd page: Classic Snapchat.

Jailbroken Apps:
f.lux is a tweak/app from Cydia that lets me modify the lighting on my iphone screen so im not blinded at night, etc. 
iCleaner is a must for me! You know that “Other” space when you hook up your device to itunes and its like 4GB ya iCleaner cleared up about 3GB for me :D 
Activator is handy. It does many things that I can’t list for you. But an example is I am able to use my volume buttons to change my music by simply holding the up button to skip to the next song and down for the previous and then pressing both to pause/play my music :) Very handy for when your working out or sleeping in a car. 
Barrel lets me modify how my pages transition into the next and it looks awesome.
and finally Cydia :)

Thats all, which looks like a lot on text but its not really :P I’m quite boring only the basics really :) If you have any questions feel free to ask :) Hope you enjoyed this? :P 
Anonymous: how did you jailbreak it? 

I used a program called evasi0n but I HIGHLY recommend you look it up yourself if you wish to jailbreak and/or go here :) http://www.redmondpie.com/download-evasi0n-ios-7-7.0.4-jailbreak-for-iphone-5s-5c-5-ipad-ipod-touch-windows-mac/


I don’t and won’t ever fathom how some people can be so utterly ignorant and rude it disgusts me. How can you possibly sit behind a screen and physically type out “Kill yourself.”, press send and not feel absolutely disgusting and pathetic with yourself? How. I just don’t understand.

"What’s On My iPhone"
Sooo I had a request to do the “What’s On My iPhone” thinggy so here is my current lockscreen and lockscreen music player :)
I jailbroke my iphone so on the left you will see 5 icon of my chosen apps that i can select and go directly to, from my lockscreen. This tweak can be found in Cydia for any of you that are also jailbroken and it is called JellyLock 7. Its very handy I really like it :) 
Then to your right you will see the awesome tweak called Spin also found in Cydia. The black dot on the circle around the album artwork moves along the circle as the song progresses and you can move it clock-wise to change the position of the song :) It looks cool, I like it :P 
Oh also on my lockscreen I have a tweak from Cydia called Priority Hub that groups my lockscreen notification together and makes my lockscreen look much more organized and easier to navigate notifications :) I think it is like the Blackberry notifications so you can think of it like that to get an idea of what I mean :P 
Gotta love Mambo Number 5 ;) <3